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  • Reinforcing Luxury Positioning

Reinforcing Luxury Positioning



  • Generate a worldwide buzz for Grand Velas Los Cabos as a new ultra-luxury hotel among target markets (affluent travelers, foodies, etc.)
  • Impact luxury positioning
  • Tie Grand Velas Los Cabos into current trends that resonate with target consumers
  • Increase backlinks and click-throughs to the hotel's new website to boost SEO


  • As tacos surpassed burgers and pizza as a top comfort food trend,  we created the idea of the world's most expensive taco at $25,000 USD. The Executive Chef developed the iteration of the authentic Mexican cuisine staple. It included such premium ingredients as langoustine, Kobe beef, an exotic salsa comprised of dried Morita chili peppers, and a gold flake-speckled corn tortilla.
  • Created content on the taco inclusive of image, video and social media captions to easily share
  • Pitched video editors at viral news sites raw b-roll files to produce their own unique videos
  • Extended the legs of the idea by hosting a charity event at the hotel for the Los Cabos Children's Foundation. A raffle was conducted to win the taco and a glass of the world's most expensive tequila from a bottle priced at $2.5 million USD. The tequila was showcased in a bulletproof glass, surrounded by security guards. The result?  Over $27,000 was donated to the charity.


  • Total impressions exceeded 2.3 Billion with digital coverage spanning Robb Report, Fox News, Conde Nast Traveler, cnet, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Yahoo and People among many others.
  • The hotel's charitable efforts were applauded by Univision, Bloomberg, The Daily Meal, France's L'Express, Huff Post, India Today, and more.
  • Articles appeared internationally, in top media, everywhere from the US, Canada and Mexico to Spain, Greece, China, Germany and India.
  • 2 months after the hotel video was published, it had received over 460K clicks to the website.
  • Thrillist's Facebook video on the world's most expensive taco has been viewed over 29 million times to date.
  • National Geographic included an image and information on the taco in the 10th edition of its children's book Weird But True.
  • Calculated ad value exceeded $21 Million as the most expensive taco has been covered in over 579,000 outlets and counting.