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Tourism Marketing Methods - The KWEST Process

Consumers demand the best of luxury products and services - from hotels and destinations to resort developments and cruise lines. Their choices are emotionally charged with the promise, anticipation, delight and gratification that come from exclusive experiences and high - end services.
Our KWEst PROcess marketing method identifies the benefits and messages that will trigger your customer's emotional drivers. Every day we are involved in strategic marketing decisions with clients, including assessments, concept development and positioning. This strategic analysis is translated into creative public relations, promotions and marketing initiatives that will differentiate you from your competitors, attract new consumers and grow revenues.
Clients expect the maximum return on investment (ROI), and we deliver. We track a variety of success indicators to demonstrate ROI such as: sales driven by specific campaigns or promotions; media coverage; advertising equivalency; website visits and conversion; viral video views; social engagement; and surveys on attitudes and purchasing intent.
Our KWEst PROcess - Download PDF